Zero Point of Truth Diagram Explanation

I drew this diagram in an attempt to demonstrate "how" two people "can" come to a common awareness if they are motivated to do so. This is illustrated visually so as to explain the dynamics of a process and the relationship between two people who initially think that there is no way that they can come to an agreement about something.

In relation to the blue dot the black dots appear to be "opposite" to each other as represented by the red arrows. The black dots can represent either people or concepts that initially appear to oppose each other.

If and when the two black dots begin speaking with each other they gradually move in a direction that is closer to the blue dot even though they still appear to be heading in opposite directions. The initial common denominator being that they are both communicating with each other. Each word spoken offers additional information regarding each other's point-of-view of their particular perspective.

As each dot hears more and more feedback regarding "their" expression of their wisdom then they have the opportunity to "adjust" their languaging while taking into consideration what the other dot is paying attention to. As more words are spoken and more illustrated diagrams drawn a new transcendent language evolves that is specific to the two dots. As a common vocabulary "grows" between them the space between them and the blue dot "diminishes" in inverse proportion until there is no more separation between their understanding and awareness of the one truth. They both transcend their differences of "opinion" to realize the "Zero Point of Truth".

I am still working on the languaging of this explanation so please offer me feedback and see if you and I can both converge on the blue line and then "meet at the blue dot". :o)