Matriarch of Creation
Raven Woman, Matriarch of Creation


Raven Woman

Raven Woman flies through the night
Holding treasures while in flight.
Raven's wings ascend to height
Blessing all those within sight.

"A woman with long jett hair riding the back of a Raven. Raven Woman taking a night ride to visit her Sister Aurora, and Brother Moon. The Raven Woman's voluminous hair flows out everywhere with pieces of the universe embodied in it." The figure above is loosely based on a life drawing done about two years ago by Steven Vander Meer of MeerImage.com Rubber Stamps. In her hair you can find the constellation Orion, as well as the planet Saturn, the planet Jupiter, and the 4 visible Jovian moons: Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede. There is also a comet and a rogue moon, to which the raven offers a token feather.