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The Democrat/Republican Political Paradox

Life is not a this OR that choice but rather the implementation of various viable possibilities. Flexibility needs to be built into every process such that new possibilities can be implemented when discovered and old possibilities discontinued when they turn out to be impractical or even dangerous.

Here is a little background on the Democrat/Republican political paradox. It is the logical reasoning put forward to justify the existence of two particular points of view. It makes it hard to think of life from any other perspective. What purpose might there be for insuring that either of these perspectives is in control?

In the United States of America governmental system, the power rests in a written constitution wherein the powers of the government are limited so that the people retain the maximum amount of power themselves. In addition to limiting the power of the government, care is also taken to limit the power of the people so that they cannot restrict the rights of either the majority OR the minority.

A curious situation has developed wherein the majority of U.S. citizens have williingly, though possibly unknowingly, given a certain aspect of government power over themselves. This action has produced two distinct forms of government that exist simultaneously.

One aspect, or form of government, is considered socialistic, where people literally ask to be taken care of by this government and relinquish their inalienable rights in exchange for majority rule. This is called a Democratic form of government. The other aspect, where people understand their rights, ascert them and take full responsibility for their actions, is called a Republican form of government.

Democrats work for other people or for the Democratic goverment itself and pay this government a percentage of their income for the privelage of receiving benefits from this government. Republicans work for themselves and reap all the benefits of their own effort. Both Democrats and Republicans pay for common benefits -- like roads, by paying a percentage of the cost of the products they purchase that are associated with those benefits -- like taxes on gasoline.

To further demonstrate the differences between these two different types of government and the ramifications of each we can take a look at a situation where an individual goes into a town and ends up killing someone. A police officer finds out about the death and questions a large group of people at the scene. They relate the story and the police officer takes the alleged murderer into custody.

Back at the scene of the killing an individual stands up on a pedestal and suggests that the people take the law into their own hands and kill the murderer themselves. This orator becomes a Demagogue. The group decides that this is the course of action that they should take. The group becomes a democracy where majority rules. The group goes to the jail and demands that the murderer be released into their custody. The people have spoken by majority vote, the alleged murderer must die.

The police officer appears before the democracy and explains that the alleged murderer has the right to a trial by jury. The demagogue counters by explaining that the majority has spoken, the murderer must die. The police officer explains that his function is to protect the rights of the individual, be he innocent or guilty, until that individual has the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law. The police officer continues by explaining that the will of the majority cannot deny this individual that right. The demagogue continues to influence the democracy to kill the alleged murderer but the police officer stands firm and persuades the democracy that he exists to protect "their" rights as well and the people become convinced of the merits of the officer's arguments.

In this case the Republican form of government has been demonstrated to have more power than the Democratic form of majority rule. However, the majority is the majority and if they choose for a certain type of government to have total power over them then that is their choice. As long as an individual understands that they have inalienable rights and chooses to ascert those rights then no one else can have power over them.

Since people have the right to choose to be in a socialistic structure Republicans do not have the right to force all people to be in a republican structure. Consequently, as has been demonstrated, Democrats do not have the right to force all people to give up their rights and live under a socialstic structure. Republicans choose not to accept Socialist Security benefits because they have learned to take care of themselves and their families by their own means.

Since two entirely different types of government exist simiultaneously it might be prudent to accept this fact and allow people to choose which form of government they desire. In a democracy Might makes Right. In a republic Right makes Might. In a democracy the law restricts the people. In a republic the law restricts the government.

What is YOUR choice?

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