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Pi, for the first time, I can say that I absolutely LOVE my site. Millions and Billions of thank you's and so much gratitude. You are a Divine Gift to this planet. I should have known that someone who would help Windcloud in such a loving way would be a special gift. WOW!

-- Robin Garrison, WomenWhoCare.org

Pi is a highly competent computer geek genius extraordinaire. He helped me get my webpage together, saving me lots of money and time. Pi is great at putting out frustrating computer fire glitches. He's reliable, friendly, funny, and I frequently depend upon his expertise.

-- M. Myhre, MauiLotusYoga.com

Pi is a fabulous suppport for computer idiots like myself. He is a technical wizard, conscious and compassionate. He did in half an hour what others (supposedly experts) couldn't accomplish in many hours, healing my sick computer and then finding ways to change and update business cards, website, etc. All this was accomplished in record time and very economically.

-- Mirra Rose

Pi helped me fix my PC computer so that it would not keep locking up. He ran the utility software and helped me download the latest versions of my system software from the internet. He also helped me set up e-mail filters that put mail in different folders so that I could easily find my personal mail and mail that is important to me. Before, I had so much SPAM that I could hardly tell what mail was actually intended for me.

-- Kachina

Pi helped me download photos of my art prints from the Costco Kodak Photo Center and put them on eBay so that I can sell them.

-- Susan Douglas

I have known Pi for more than 10 years as a friend and colleague. His technical mastery of the internet is unparalleled and he specifically has great talent in creating websites. For out-of-the-ordinary talent and thinking outside of the box, consider Pi.

-- Ed Elkin, Jor-El.org

Pi has been involved with computers and the internet since the beginning. Pi helped develop Hawaii Online/Aloha.net as a means of enabling the Nation of Hawaii to have a place to make their information accessible to a world-wide audience. He showed me the internet website ropes that enabled me to be the webmaster for the Nation of Hawaii and now I have my own internet-oriented business.

-- Scott Crawford, Hookele.com

Pi has been a Cyber Monk for about 10 years now. His incredible grasp of spiritual concepts in conjunction with technology never ceases to amaze me. He has helped me upgrade through ALL of the Apple system software versions and keeps my computer running in top form. I consider myself a power user and Pi has enabled me to do graphic art design, brochure, magazine, audio, and video production. Pi was singularly responsible for the video streaming of the 2002 Earth Dance Hawaii event at Twin Falls that included the Peace Flame Ceremony on top of Haleakala. As you can see below Pi helped me set up many domain names for different specific purposes.

-- Rev. Kedar St John, Maui-Wedding.net, Temple-of-Peace.org

Pi helped me transfer my files from my old computer to my fancy new one. Pi helped me connect and configure my computer for RoadRunner highspeed internet. We downloaded photos from the Costco Kodak Photo Center and put them on my webpage. He helped me create a 7-hour-long MP3 music playlist that I use for ambience for work, play, parties, and events. He also helped me create databases for a PiORITIZED ToDo List, address book list, event planner, and appointment system and helped me realize my dream of having my own website. Pi's patience with working with intense personalities might even transcend that of Soloman's. I really appreciate that there is such a person as Pi in the world for many reasons.

-- Devaka

Pi listened to what I had to say about my Sacred Birthing book and then he told me that I should have a website and how it could help introduce my work to the world like an electronic yellow page combined with a magazine article. Then he told me how people could actually order the book from the website! I can't thank Pi enough for holding my hand in this new spiritual walk into the information age.

-- Sunni Karll, Sacred Birthing

Pi is currently helping me get a website domain name from a company who registered my company name as their domain name. I will write more as the situation progresses. I also notice that Pi has incredible intuitive capability when it comes to PC's.

-- Larry Lassek, Maui Juice Company

Pi is a good guy. He knows Macintosh inside and out. Highly recommended!

-- Peter Rosen, Founder, Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media 501c3)

If you have a need that is not mentioned above then I will offer you a FREE hour of my time so that you can experience my work in exchange for writing me a testimonial for that specific service. This offer also applies to existing clients to ADD a new service to your testimonial. Plus, I will also offer you a promotional link to your website beneath your testimonial. Mahalo.

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Updated: 3 Aug 2021