Journey to
Kanaka Makua
Rediscovering the Light of Island Wisdom
You are embarking on a great journey, a journey of self discovery and wisdom. This quest is as old as man himself and one we are each called to make. Ancient navigators charted a course through the unknown leading to personal sovereignty and lasting happiness. They marked their path with signposts and torches to help guide and illuminate our steps. We can use these same torches to discover a greater light, the light of island wisdom.
Along your journey many questions arise about which course your life should take. No oracle can make these choices for you, but they can point you in the right direction. The Pacific Voyager System was designed to help you uncover your true motives and desires, leading you to an inner light where you can discover answers from within. This system can help you think in new ways, feel with the heart of Aloha, and be Kanaka Makua.
The Islands are calling you home. Let your journey begin...