Points of Relationship, Levels of Complexity


I liked this representation of complexity. I read somewhere that any being is expected to handle as many different interactions as the being has limbs. We have two arms and two legs, so we are supposed to be able to proficiently handle four different interactions simultaneously. Anything having over four nodes of complexity is certainly a challenge.

Well, I always enjoy a graphic to try and tell a story like this. And being literate in graphic verbs I can see some errors in logic. Also I am absolutely sure that You and I are off this chart to the right somewhere. I would make a dotted line to represent emotional linkages because just one of those can't make all the other seem like too much work. And, for some, this diagram would be illuminating. If you look each line as if its a clear connection as opposed to mail, or internet spam etc., we could also make a couple more dotted and wavvy lines to indicate miscommunication, misinformation, information pollution, etc. Deciding what not to pay attention to is also critical.

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